Since I started working on the JavaScript courses, I haven’t done much with the HTML and CSS I know and I felt it slooowly start to slip away. I’ve been Googling projects to do and, while I’ve started a few, I never quite feel like my skills are good enough to finish them.

I’m such a perfectionist and usually, I find that if I don’t do anything just right, then I get frustrated and whatever I’m doing is never “finished.”  It’s why I end up with so many incomplete projects.
Unfortunately, employers don’t see that incomplete work as an employee who likes to do things the right way. They’ll see someone who can’t seem to finish anything.
Can’t really get hired that way.

Yesterday, in my search for some inspiration and motivation, I came across a Skillcrush video where I learned a new motto.

F**k It. Ship it.

Not everything has to be perfect before you ship your product. Hell, it may never be perfect.  But waiting for it to be perfect means you’ll never have anything finished. You’ll be plugging away for hours and you’ll never have anything to show for it. And, how productive is that?
Hint: it’s not.

So, today, I tried my hand at cloning Google.




Now, doesn’t that look good? 

I changed the color for the sign in button purely for giggles.

Google works as a beginner project since it’s simple in appearance.


But then, this happens.








Yes, that is fully maximized on my desktop.

So, I still have some fixin’ to do on this, but I’m still kind of proud of it.



You can check out the HTML and CSS here.