What I’ve been up to:

  • I caught myself zoning out of a conversation and thinking about how to build a Pomodoro Timer for the Zipline on Free Code Camp. Programming has become part of my daydreams.
  • I completed an intermediate scripting bonfire on Free Code Camp! When I started on the second one, I realized that I need a little more practice with JavaScript which led me to the next bullet point….
  • I started a course on Udemy called “JavaScript: Understanding the Hard Parts.” I’m a quarter of the way through the course and I’m enjoying it so far. There are things that I understood about JavaScript and programming based on buried knowledge from school and from trial and error, but it’s nice to have it laid out for me explicitly. The visuals in the course are very helpful as well, especially when learning about things like scope and execution contexts.
  • I went to a Tech Interview Workshop hosted by Women Who Code ATX. I have been on the fence about whether or not I’m even ready to interview for any positions, so I went to the workshop hoping to ease some of that anxiety. Totally did. This was my second WWC event and I really love this community. It’s so reassuring to go to these events and the professionals involved are cheering for you to succeed.