#100DaysOfCode (Take 2!)

Yes, you read that correctly. Starting today, I am taking on the 100 Days of Code Challenge. Why? For a while, I just hadn’t been enjoying coding as much as I had been before. In turn, my progress stalled. Turned out, coding wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I had been trying to force… Continue reading #100DaysOfCode (Take 2!)

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

I was reminded of The Odin Project while Googling for portfolio project ideas. The first project under JavaScript fundamentals was for a Rock Paper Scissors game. The assignment called for making a game of rock paper scissors that was played via the console. The user could input their choice into the console, the computer would… Continue reading Rock, Paper, Scissors?

#CNC2018 [0]

I will be participating in Code Newbie’s 5-week #CNC2018 challenge. The challenge has 4 different tracks to choose from: Start Coding Code More Blog More Get a Job You can only work on one at a time, but can complete multiple throughout the year! I signed up for the Code More challenge. I started a… Continue reading #CNC2018 [0]

November Update

I spent some time working to get comfortable working with Vanilla JS and completing scripting challenges on sites like HackerRank. It gave me more confidence to be able to complete smaller coding challenges that I knew would prep me for bigger ones, like projects. Project Updates This month, I updated/rebuilt a couple of projects. I… Continue reading November Update

#100DaysofCode – Failed?

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before: I am a perfectionist. Not in a cliche-job-interview-answer kind of way that just means I work very hard to do very well. I mean – I am but not in this scenario. For me, perfectionism takes on the form of an All or Nothing attitude. Things will go perfectly… Continue reading #100DaysofCode – Failed?