Where Have I Been?

Don’t worry – I am still very actively participating in this challenge. A few life events have come up recently that pulled focus some days, but I remain dedicated to seeing this through to the very end.

What I’ve Been Doing

freeCodeCamp has updated their curriculum and now has new projects, challenges, and certifications to earn.I have immediately started working on the first one – Responsive Web Design. This section still covers basics like HTML and CSS, but has also added in things like Accessibility, Visual Design, and CSS Grid (just to name a few).

I recently completed one of the new projects – a Survey Form – and I’ll be back to write about this project in more detail.

I have also attended a few Austin meetups specifically for women in tech that I’ve enjoyed. I am so thankful to now have a portable laptop that I use during these coding events. Even though we all use the Hacking Hangouts time to work on our other projects, there’s still an amazing sense of community and support that is really nice to be around.

What I Still Want to Do

One thing I’ve been interested in from the start of this challenge is CSS art. I’m working to incorporate a course on that while continuing to make steady progress with FCC and more of #30Days30Sites without burning myself out. I’m toying with dedicating specific days to it or “going with the flow” and seeing where I can fit it in later.

It’s several certifications away in the curriculum now, but I still really want to finish my Pomodoro Clock. I looked at the updates to the project and I was glad to see that there are more user stories available for guidance. I often pride myself on not needing hand holding, but I also appreciate having very specific requirements to guide what I’m building. I also noticed that using a framework like React is encouraged which means there is also a nice section on learning React in the curriculum and I am pretty excited for that too.