Ah, week 2. The week that you start to realize that sheer excitement and adrenaline are not long-term motivating factors. It’s when you realize that the sleep you were willing to give up the week prior is not sustainable.

Of course, you may find that this happens a different time in your own journey (if you decide to take this journey yourself). Maybe week 7. Maybe even week 1. But, this is where you reevaluate – you start considering how coding can really fit into your daily life.

This past week, I attempted to juggle my coding goals with lifestyle goals – going to the gym, finding time to dance or read, cooking meals, etc. I then was in a battle of “do I code or do I do this course/tutorial?” I was also exhausted. I tweeted about this and got a really nice, encouraging response. The Twitter community is amazing.

I pushed through and kept going. And I’m pretty proud of what I did this week.

Day 10

I designed a layout for a fictional Photographer’s website. I got the idea after browsing a handful and deciding that I liked the idea of full-screen photos that had interesting transitions. I couldn’t quite get started coding afterwards and put this one on my “To-Do List.”

Day 11

Went back to the Week 1 #30Days30Sites project after getting an idea to simplify my portfolio both in design and in code. The idea I had was to feature my projects front and center – it’s what people really want when they click through to my page, right? And I wanted to build it using Flexbox instead of Bootstrap. I made an effort to really go for mobile-first design, utilizing the Device Toolbar in Chrome’s Developer tools.

I made an About/Bio page that would feature an image and a block of text. I couldn’t get the photo to cooperate with me – it wouldn’t center or resize. After some frustration, I decided that I wouldn’t die if I slept on it and tried again the next day.

Spoiler Alert: I was right.


Day 12

Fully rested and ready to go, I was determined to finish what I started. I added some box-sizing and voila, I got a centered image.

Then, I realized that the div I wrapped my image in was causing issues. Once I removed it, all of my responsive styling on the image started working.

Afterwards, I also went back to my current site and made some changes to the responsiveness and to the copy in my About section. The bio on my new design is currently from a Doctor Who themed Ipsum.

Day 14

I went back to my Pomodoro timer!

I’m rethinking the design (or lack thereof) – the all tomato look made sense when I started this weeks ago. Not sure if I like it now. It’s a little too overwhelmingly tomato. I’m also missing labels for the work and break session controls.

All of my buttons now have working event listeners, and the buttons controlling work and break sessions are fully functional. The clock also is set to the default 5 minutes using JS instead of being hard-coded HTML.

Pomodoro - CSS and Button functionality