Yes, you read that correctly. Starting today, I am taking on the 100 Days of Code Challenge.


For a while, I just hadn’t been enjoying coding as much as I had been before. In turn, my progress stalled. Turned out, coding wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I had been trying to force myself down paths I either wasn’t quite ready for or paths that just didn’t interest me. I started flip flopping through resources, hoping I’d find THE ONE. No such luck.

How do I get back into my flow? How do I push past this plateau and start growing again? When does this become fun again?

Answer: Just code. And keep coding. Everyday.


I expect this list to change as I go along (more on that later), but here are my immediate goals:

  • Commit to #30Days30Sites
  • Complete the Front End Certification on FreeCodeCamp
  • Push something to GitHub every day
  • Participate in #CodeNewbie Twitter chats (both Wednesday and Sunday chats!)

Potential Challenges


This was the biggest factor that stopped me from completing this challenge in 2017. I planned and attempted to execute my 100 days in a very linear way, and got frustrated and overwhelmed when life didn’t follow my plan (pro-tip: life rarely does). There were some days I truly didn’t have the time. There were others where I let a challenge with a project or a course get the best of me.
With a new level of self-awareness, I feel confident that I will be able to handle this more gracefully. I will also be adopting a more agile approach, re-evaluating my progress and goals weekly and adjusting accordingly.

Scheduling Conflicts

This goes along with the previous challenge: Life happens. Sometimes I won’t be able to sacrifice sleep or another part of my schedule to make coding happen. It’s okay. This is my challenge and I can make my own rules.