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Hey, I’m Cerita


I believe in solving problems with code, creativity, and collaboration.


#100DaysOfCode – Week 1

Day 1 Completed Day 2 of #30Days30Sites - Event Invitation. I created a simple wedding announcement landing page with an RSVP button using HTML and CSS. I feel a bit out of practice on the design side, which was also the most challenging part of this project. The...

#100DaysOfCode (Take 2!)

Yes, you read that correctly. Starting today, I am taking on the 100 Days of Code Challenge. Why? For a while, I just hadn't been enjoying coding as much as I had been before. In turn, my progress stalled. Turned out, coding wasn't the problem. The problem was that I...

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

I was reminded of The Odin Project while Googling for portfolio project ideas. The first project under JavaScript fundamentals was for a Rock Paper Scissors game. The assignment called for making a game of rock paper scissors that was played via the console. The user...