Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I spent some time working to get comfortable working with Vanilla JS and completing scripting challenges on sites like HackerRank. It gave me more confidence to be able to complete smaller coding challenges that I knew would prep me for bigger ones, like projects.

Project Updates

This month, I updated/rebuilt a couple of projects.

I initially only wanted to change up the UI aspects of my Random Quote Generator. This led me to reviewing my own code and wanting to change some things. Other than the color scheme, the biggest change I made was changing the source of my quotes from an array to an object with quote and source as keys.

I also made one more change – all of the quotes are now dance themed!

My weather app, however, was just plain broken. I concluded that it was related to the API I was using – specifically my API key. Unfortunately, I had some problems accessing my account for that site.  Instead, I decided to challenge myself and basically rebuild the entire thing.

This time, I am using the Dark Sky API ( to fetch and display weather information. The location information is being pulled from Google Maps API since Dark Sky did not appear to have any of that information. Finally, I used the same source for the weather icons – Erik Flowers.