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About Me

I’m originally from Chicago where I earned my B.Sc. in Computer Science from Saint Xavier University. After graduating, I decided that programming “wasn’t for me” and took my problem-solivng skills and love of tech into a career as a Tech Support Specialist.

A few years later, I found myself on Codecademy, re-learning HTML and CSS so that I could build a cool blog theme. Next thing I knew, I was adding things like JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, and AJAX to the mix. Turns out development is for me!

Since then, I have moved across the country to Austin, Texas where I now live, work, and play. I am currently a Business Analyst, a role that has introduced me to Design Thinking and UX.

When I’m not working or coding, you might find me blogging about what I’m learning or creating art with CSS. I also enjoy taking dance classes, playing social kickball, and video games.